EDA I-69 Corridor Impact Study

ECI is embarking upon a region-wide, multi-county planning effort to fully assess and independently validate the impact, need, and opportunity presented by I-69’s current condition. Additionally, ECI will assess the economic development potential of I-69 corridor modernization, while ensuring existing modernization approaches northbound from Hamilton County are expanded uniformly to the north through Delaware and Grant counties. The complete project will produce an economic impact analysis that will lead to the development of an actionable plan for the modernization of the I-69 corridor in East Central Indiana.


Brownfields are real property, the reuse of which may be complicated by the presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Redeveloping a brownfield can create jobs, protects the community, and changes the quality of life for those around it. Taking initiative on a brownfield site can also provide a model of success for other redevelopment opportunities. EICRPD obtains funding for the identification and assessment of suspected brownfields. To read more about these projects, click here.

The CEDS Plan

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Plan is a summary of the economic conditions of the region. EICRPD takes a look at the employment, resources, and environment, as well as other items. This helps ECIRPD identify and prioritize projects. ECIRPD greatly values input from the communities it serves. You can help us identify key issues and important projects that would positively affect you and your community. Read about the CEDS Plan, and let us know how we can improve your community here.

Upcoming Events

2020/2021 ECI Regional Planning District Board Meetings
Located at the Innovation Connector, 1208 W. White River Blvd., Muncie, IN 47303

February 11, 2020, May 19, 2020, August 11, 2020, November 10, 2020

February 16, 2021, May 11, 2021, August 10, 2021, November 16, 2021

Executive Board Meeting @ 2:30 pm
Full Board Meeting @ 3:00 pm